Hotel Chur am Obertor in Chur

In 1760 Hotel Chur,

which was still known as Hotel Steinbock, was drawn away by the water of Plessur. In 1766 it was rebuilt and since then it continuously improved. Ranging from Thomas Mann to Bertolt Brecht, from theatre to casino. Going a little bit further back in the history of Hotel Chur one can discover interesting things. The big hall for example, where nowadays business meetings, events and info aperitifs take place and which was redesigned 5 years ago, was already many years back a popular gathering spot for important persons. In the issue of «Freie Rätier» from 11.01.1923 it is for example reported that a literary evening with Thomas Mann took place in this room. In the 50s the city theatre was located here and Bertolt Brecht used the only grand piano in town for his disc recordings. This piano is by the way also still used at events in Hotel Chur.

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